Welcome To The Vertigo Club

Well-appointed with dark leather sofas and club chairs, a private conference room, WiFi, personalized & humidified cigar lockers, and a poker table, The Vertigo Club is a classy, Speakeasy-style Private Club for the connoisseur.

The Vertigo Club was created to provide you, the Cigar Aficionado, with discriminating tastes and a wish for exclusivity and privacy a Club where you can come to enjoy The Good Life; a place where you can finalize a business deal over a fine hand-crafted cigar, relax and enjoy a respite from the day’s events, network and build business relationships, sit in quiet contemplation, or join friends & associates for the camaraderie legendary among Aficionados.

Clay Roberts former Travel Channel Producer & current Vice President of Marketing & Brand Manager of A.J. Fernandez Cigars
The Vertigo Club is one of the Top 5 Best Cigar Clubs I’ve ever visited…I can’t stop talking about the place!”
Chef Jason Wilson James-Beard Award-Winning Chef & Owner of CRUSH, winner of Wine Spectator's “Best of Award of Excellence” 2011, and featured Chef at Google
The Vertigo Club is the quintessential place to enjoy the culture of cigars and the company of like-minded people. I’ve enjoyed business meetings, events, dinners and the amazing camaraderie that accompanies Membership, along with a place to relax from the daily stresses of life.”

How does it work?  We have no employees.  Period.  Washington State law prohibits smoking in public places or wherever people are employed.  We too, feel that no one should be subject to second-hand smoke unneccesarily simply due to one’s employment.  We simply offer you, the discriminating aficionado, a private, invitation-only luxury establishment by which you can enjoy your favorite cigar in the company of friends.


If you’re interested in Membership or taking a tour of The Vertigo Club, please visit our Membership Page HERE


Important Note:  In compliance with federal & state law, The Vertigo Club does not serve or sell alcohol, does not serve food, does not sell tobacco or tobacco-related products, and does not have employees.  The Vertigo Club is a private Members-only business venue which offers no service (implied or otherwise) and functions autonomously without employees.