A Camaraderie Legendary Among Aficionados

Fine, handcrafted cigars are just one of the many mediums by which great people make great connections at The Vertigo Club.  But it isn’t the cigars that make The Vertigo Club such a classy, welcoming venue; it’s our Members.

Some of life’s greatest memories often involve cigars.  For many, some of the greatest friendships & business relationships have been created over cigars.  For others, working on a current project or brainstorming ideas for a new venture while enjoying cigars has provided boundless inspiration.  Ultimately, fine cigars when married with great company, provide a camaraderie legendary among aficionados at a level unheard of in other social activities.  Indeed, Members of The Vertigo Club are all too happy to boast of their love for what we have created in Seattle – just ask one!

Whether you’re looking to meet & socialize with other professionals who share a love for the finer things, are looking for a classy private space to entertain important clients or friends, are seeking a luxury venue by which to relax alone with a great book while enjoying a cigar in hand, are enticed by the prospect of enjoying a pre-game cigar before heading to the stadiums for a grand sporting event, are searching for the perfect place to enjoy a post-dinner cigar after an evening on the town, or are simply eager to utilize the Club as a place to bring your laptop & get some work done while enjoying your favorite cigars, The Vertigo Club is the private club made just for you.